Ethernet Direct Awarded A Project Delivering HMG-1628 Managed Switches to the Largest Beer Producer in South Europe

California, U.S.A., May 2015 – Ethernet Direct Corporation, a professional and primary provider of industrial networking and communication solutions is pleased to share a project awarded in Europe which involves the factory automation of the No. 1 Brewery company using HMG-1628 industrial managed switches with 18-port density.

The project was deployed in Marseilles France factory where the customer is a world-class brewer and maintains an ongoing commitment to provide consumers and customers with the best portfolio of beer brands by producing million hectoliters of beer every year. As strategic tools that are used every day, thousands of computers, equipped with various operating system versions and function specific applications ranging from commercial and manufacturing to distribution are located within the plant. Factory automation is vital.

In the plant, there are separate networks in the production floor where it is critical to feedback all the daily production output to the management system. The only way to achieve this is by deploying gigabit connectivity to meet the plant’s productivity goals. Ethernet Direct South Europe proposed HMG-1628 Industrial 18-port Gigabit Managed Ethernet Switch which is a highly reliable and fault-tolerant supporting state of the art design with six 10/100/1000TX Ethernet ports and two Small Form Pluggable (SFP) ports that support Gigabit SX or LC depending on your existing network structure. To meet the redundant self-recovery mechanism required, HMG-1628 recovers from link disruption within less than 10ms on full load which allows the customer to establish a redundant Ethernet network with a back-up ring topology. Dual Homing and Ring Coupling are supported to add reliability by securing the network with redundancy designs.

Furthermore, HMG-1628 is compatible with IntraVUE network management software for easy trouble shooting. To accomplish rigorous and precise production standards and goals, the network system does not allow any data disruption or network malfunction. The different networks in the production floor and data are processed with zero delay to the Enterprise Information system. The purpose is to allow the management level to experience high speed real-time records and for each division to maintain flexibility, redundancy and remote administration. The primary focus is on quality and productivity, in addition to high performance and reduction in operating costs using a guaranteed network solution.

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