Whitepaper about the Secrets Behind Power over Ethernet for Industrial Applications

California, U.S.A., June 2015 – Ethernet Direct Corporation, a professional and primary provider of industrial networking and communication solutions offers a reliable Ethernet solution for modern day industrial applications using hardened Power over Ethernet switches complying with IEEE 802.3af standard. Power over Ethernet has become a popular technology nowadays owing to the advantages that it is a system that can transfer electrical power, along with data, to remote devices over standard twisted-pair cable in an Ethernet network.

In the whitepaper, Ethernet Direct describes how PoE technology enables the end devices like Wireless Access Point, IP Phone, IP Camera, IP Access Control terminal, RFID reader and other IP-based appliances to get power supply from a Cat-3, Cat-5/5e or Cat-6 LAN cable without extra power connection needed. This technology is particular useful when deploying environments which may not have convenient power source for these equipments, and the extra power outlet may not be feasible and expensive to implement, or when adding these equipments to an existing Ethernet infrastructure without the need to make any modification.

Ethernet Direct has made several deployments of Industrial Power over Ethernet switches in the mining network monitoring and process Automation. In mining, parameters related to safety must be measured and monitored on a real-time basis to avoid tragic accidents that happen in mines. With a production capacity of several hundred thousand metric tons a day, malfunction is not allowed.

The Cobra series CME-822E is an Industrial Managed PoE switch and CUE-822 is the unmanaged version, both come with 10-port density with 2 SFP ports. In terms of 5-port density PoE devices, Ethernet Direct offers CUE-411 and CUE-413 PoE with 4-Port 10/100 TX with built in PoE injectors and one port 100FX uplink port delivering 15.4W power per port. CUE-500 and CUE-500-PD comes with 5-port 10/100TX but CUE-500-PD comes with DC 24V power input. Two port PoE switches with fiber uplink port versions are CUE-111 & CUE-113. To complete the PoE series, CUS-100G is an Industrial PoE splitter for 10/100/1000T.

Ethernet Direct offers Industrial Power over Ethernet switches supporting various power protections like PoE overload current protection, port to port isolation, PoE over voltage and under-voltage protection, Ethernet ESD protection and PoE short circuit protection.

To learn more about the secrets behind Industrial PoE applications from Ethernet Direct, please contact us.