Ethernet Direct Shares The Benefits of Power over Ethernet in Industrial Applications

California, U.S.A., June 2020 – Ethernet Direct Corporation, a professional and primary provider of industrial networking and communication solutions shares the benefits of power over Ethernet deployment in industrial applications.

The Power over Ethernet technology started 20 years ago and back then, industrial deployments were close to nil. Then in 2003, IEEE provides 15 watts of power at 48VDC. Today, PoE has become an indispensable solution as Ethernet TCP/IP has become common in most network backbones and control room applications and to the factory floor.

What makes PoE popular?

COST is a reality in today’s applications. Using one cable for both data and power to power industrial devices would mean cost effective, easy installation and maintenance.

PoE is a proven SAFE solution. Ethernet Direct PoE devices are designed with reverse polarity and overload current protection.

PoE is a FLEXIBLE standard. Even if the end devices do not come with PoE, a PoE splitter can provide the solution for power & data output. While PoE injector can inject power if a network device is not designed to do so. Ethernet Direct offers all types of PoE network solutions for any given application.

PoE provides power source REDUNDANCY. Moreover, Ethernet Direct managed PoE switches provide network redundancy and combines reliability and cost performance choice in industrial applications.

Almost every application needs industrial PoE

Smart Cities & Smart Buildings which involve connected LED lighting and sensors technology as a fundamental part of city infrastructure and enables energy conservation. It involves street light dimming control for energy saving.

Security & Surveillance which deploy IP surveillance cameras to enable automated security system in city surveillance, prison surveillance, homeland & border security etc.

Intelligent Transportation applications such as in highway monitoring, fleet monitoring, traffic monitoring etc. which requires high bandwidth devices to transmit data & video simultaneously.

Smart Factory applications deploy RFID/Infrared/Wi-Fi devices to enhance factory floor operations. Other plant floor devices such as Human-Machine Interfaces, optical sensors, measurement devices, IO modules are current applications for PoE.

Other Industrial Ethernet applications in Mining, Oil & Gas, Power & Energy and areas with outdoor installations for safety & security would benefit from PoE owing to its wide scale of implementation. PoE is a perfect solution for data, power and cost. The ratification of high power PoE (PoE+ and PoE++) made possible to power a broader range of network edge devices and equipments in industrial applications.

Ethernet Direct Offers Rugged PoE Network Devices For Industrial Environments

Not every PoE network device offers rugged reliability for adoption in industrial environment.

The core technology of Ethernet Direct industrial PoE network devices are based on made in the USA CPU platform for maximum hardware product reliability, wide operating temperature of -40 to 75℃, redundant power input of DC 48~57V, extreme power protection on PoE, UTP and fiber ports and more. The hardware enclosure is especially engineered to for harsh environments to withstand applications where environmental conditions exceed normal product specifications.

The Need for Advanced PoE Management Features in Industrial Applications

Ethernet Direct offers the latest technologies in Power over Ethernet with advanced PoE management functions such as weekly PoE power scheduling, device auto-checking, auto-reset, PD classification, Enable or Disable PoE per port, priority setting per port, power level setting per port etc. In addition, the enhanced software features support a variety of Ethernet functions including STP/RSTP/MSTP/ITU-T G.8032 ERPS/MRP and multiple Direct-Ring for redundant cabling, layer 2 Ethernet IGMP, VLAN, QoS, ACL, Security, IPv6, bandwidth control, port mirroring, cable diagnostic and Green Ethernet.... etc.

One special software capability is our Multi-protocols integration (EtherNet/IP & Modbus TCP & optional PROFINET) in a user-friendly GUI for simplified operational manageability.

Get the best value Industrial PoE devices with the best price & performance in the market.

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