Applications of 10G Industrial Switches in Modern Day Industrial Networks

California, U.S.A., July 2019 – Ethernet Direct Corporation, a professional and primary provider of industrial networking and communication solutions shares the applications of 10G switches in industrial networks and how to choose the right industrial switches.

Ethernet Direct offers a full spectrum of 10GbE switches to cover industry-wide applications, from Industrial DIN Rail to Rack mount and Enterprise rack mount switches. This is to cater a world of expanding applications, growing virtualization, and cloud-based applications which demands RELIABITY, INCREASED SCALABLITY, HIGHER BANDWIDTH and HIGH LEVELS OF PERFORMANCE.

In the modern world, 10GBase-T technology in industrial Ethernet networks in no longer a “technology of tomorrow.” Ethernet Direct offers affordable and inexpensive fiber based solution that supports high-speed access to the network backbone or data center environment. As industrial networks moved to Industry 4.0, infrastructures are loaded with new devices and high end applications so it is even more critical that the network achieves zero downtime. The increased adoption of virtualization and cloud-based applications, IP surveillance, Video streaming, Voice over IP, and large data processing are driving the requirement for high-bandwidth industrial 10G switches.

Due to proliferating 10G switches market demand, price dropping would mean significant savings for customers. Ethernet Direct offers high density and high performance Layer 2+ full gigabit switches designed with 100M/1G/2.5G/10G SFP+ auto-sensing slots, backward compatible with Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet and can automatically negotiate between higher and lower speed connections. Our future proof solutions enable a cost-effective method and are ideal migration from your current network to 10G Ethernet by utilizing your existing Cat5e/Cat6 RJ-45 and Cat6a/Cat7 connections. This reduces cabling complexity and ultimately results in significant savings for customers.

Applications of Ethernet Direct 10G switches in Backbone or Edge devices

  • Industrial Automation such as in Smart factories
  • Utility industries, Energy and Process Control
  • Oil & Gas field sites
  • Intelligent Transportation to handle many packets for specific tasks, such as video streams and high-volume data transmission for data back-up & replication
  • Wireless backhaul applications for access points bandwidth requirements
  • Educational or Enterprise networks to aggregate 10GbE links from gigabit edge switches
  • Data Center applications with heavy bandwidth demands
  • City Surveillance applications to deliver advanced security, data, video, voice over the networks
  • Deploy as Top-of-Rack switch, or as part of a 10GbE or 40GbE distributed spine

Key Features of Ethernet Direct 10G switches

  • High switch backplane capacity and reliable hardware design to improve uptime & performance
  • Deliver wire-speed switching performance on all Gigabit ports
  • Comprehensive and advanced software features for greater operational manageability
  • Virtual Stacking available in enterprise rack mount switches
  • Superior Network Management supporting SNMPv1, 2c, 3
  • Enhanced Security protection providing secured network management
  • Affordable pricing with our “Get more features, Pay less price” solution

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