Ethernet Direct Enables Renewable Energy Solutions for a Better Planet

California, U.S.A., September 2017 – Ethernet Direct Corporation, a professional and primary provider of industrial networking and communication solutions offers IEC 61850 and IEEE 1613 certified industrial Ethernet switches especially designed renewable energy applications.

Renewable energy is energy that is collected from renewable resources sun as sunlight, wind, rain, waves, tides, biomass and geothermal heat which are utilized in renewable energy technologies to produce electricity. It is energy generated from a natural source that is not depleted when used and has gained popularity as it does not harm the environment. Climate changes and global warming are driving increasing renewable energy demands around the world. Ethernet Direct industrial Ethernet devices are adopted in a number of projects like wind farms, hydroelectric stations, waste incineration plants, floating windmill, solar energy power plants, photovoltaic and more.

Industrial Switches requirements for renewable energy applications:

  • A true industrial rated switch at wide temperature range to handle harsh environmental installations
  • Ability for a product to meet the tailor-made software requirements in renewable energy applications
  • High EMI/EMC shielding industrial Ethernet switches and certified IEC 61850 device
  • High performance switch measured in terms of throughput, latency and operating reliability
  • Zero packet loss transmission
  • Ethernet Direct IEC 61850 industrial switches passed the performance measures in terms of system scalability as a whole
  • Direct-Ring, Direct-Chain & Join-Ring redundancy technology with less than 10 ms @ 250 switches

According to industry analysts, renewable electricity is projected to scale up to 40% till 2018. Significant technology is seen for land-based wind and more power system-friendly making grid integration easier. The renewable energy is expecting growth and Ethernet Direct contributes to this market by offering industrial Ethernet switches compliant with IEEE 802.3az known as Energy Efficient Ethernet to be installed in distributed renewable energy and build a reliable networking system, monitoring and control that optimize system performance for wind turbines, hydroelectric, solar power etc.

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