ITU-T G.8262 Synchronous Ethernet Industrial Ethernet Switches for Time synchronization and real-time performance

California, U.S.A., October 2017 – Ethernet Direct Corporation, a professional and primary provider of industrial networking and communication solutions is proud to announce one of “Industry’s first” industrial Ethernet switches supporting ITU-T G.8262, Synchronous Ethernet Industrial switches.

Synchronous Ethernet, also referred as SyncE, is an ITU-T standard for networking devices that facilitates the transference of clock signals over the Ethernet physical layer. Ethernet Direct SyncE industrial switches provide a synchronization signal to time-sensitive networks. The Synchronous Ethernet signal transmitted over the Ethernet physical layer should be traceable to an external clock, ideally a master and unique clock for the whole network. There are numerous applications which include cellular networks, access technologies such as Ethernet, and applications such as IPTV or VoIP.

Remarkable Features:

  • Supports ITU-T G.8262, Synchronous Ethernet
  • Supports IEEE1588 PTP V2 for precise time synchronization, to operate in Ordinary-Boundary, Peer to Peer Transparent Clock, End to End Transparent Clock, Master, Slave mode by each port
  • Provides multiple Gigabit TX ports with RJ-45 connector with supporting of Green Ethernet IEEE802.3az EEE (Energy Efficient Ethernet)
  • Provides multiple Gigabit SFP slots with supporting of DDMI
  • Supports various network redundant solutions, including Direct-Ring, Direct-Chain, Join-Ring, STP, RSTP, MSTP and ITU-T G.8032
  • Proprietary ultra high speed redundant technology with < 10ms recovery time @ 250 devices
  • Supports various network security solutions, Port and MAC based IEEE802.1X, RADIUS, ACL, TACACS+, HTTP/HTTPS, SSL/SSH v2
  • Supports DHCP Server/Client/Relay/Snooping/Snooping option 82/Relay option 82
  • Supports IEEE802.1Q VLAN, MAC-based VLAN, IP Subnet-based VLAN, Protocol-based VLAN, VLAN translation, GVRP/MVRP
  • Supports IGMP/MLD snooping V1/V2/V3, IGMP Filtering/Throttling, IGMP query, IGMP proxy reporting, MLD snooping
  • Supports dynamic IEEE 802.3ad LACP Link Aggregation, Static Link Aggregation
  • Supports IPv6 Telnet server, ICMPv6

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