Ethernet Direct Shares More Than 300 Successful Industrial Automation Applications the Website

California, U.S.A., November 2015 – Ethernet Direct Corporation, a professional and primary provider of industrial networking and communication solutions announces is pleased to share the company’s continuous success stories in the global Industrial Ethernet projects deployment. Read how major companies have used Ethernet Direct in their business and the benefits achieved in terms of network improvement and money savings.

Ethernet Direct successful application stories offer details on how various industries & market segments involved in automation, control, and instrumentation, intelligent transportation, mining, security and surveillance, power & utilities and others have been deployed Ethernet Direct products and services to solve specific industry problems.

Ethernet Direct provides a good case study with sufficient details for a better understanding of using and choosing the right Industrial network devices for a given application on a customer’s perspective and analysis. The application notes provide understanding of underlying issues, conflict issues and solutions for plant floors which are especially useful for progressive companies, service providers and systems integrators.

The latest product technologies like Industrial Gigabit Ethernet solution, Industrial Wireless LAN solution and Industrial Power over Ethernet solution are presented as well as how to integrate the existing legacy devices with a higher level control networks to achieve operational efficiencies. The application stories cover:

  • Intelligent Transportation like Metro, Airport, Tunnel Monitoring & Elevated Highway projects etc.
  • Factory Automation like Manufacturing & Production applications etc.
  • Power and Utilities like in Power Substation, Smart Grid, Electric distribution etc.
  • Renewable Energy like Wind farm, Solar Energy farm etc.
  • Security & Surveillance like in Prison surveillance, Video surveillance, highway surveillance and Wildlife monitoring etc.
  • Smart Building Automation
  • Mining
  • Defense and Military

Ethernet Direct offers solution for any application with easy product deployment no matter what your level of experience in Industrial Networking and Communication is.

To view and get application stories in PDF, please contact us.