Introducing HMG-8128GE10G, 20-ports DIN-Rail Full Gigabit Managed Ethernet Switch delivering 10G scalability with supporting of EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP and PROFINET

California, U.S.A., March 2020 – Ethernet Direct, a professional and primary provider of industrial networking and communication solutions introduces 10G switches for industrial networks.

The HMG-8128GE10G is a 20-ports DIN-Rail full Gigabit managed ethernet switch with 8 x 10/100/1000Base-T(X) + 4-port 1G/10G SFP/SFP+ and 8 x 100/1000 1G SFP ports. The switch is designed using Made in the USA CPU Platform with 112Gbps switching architecture for maximum hardware product reliability and has an operating temperature of -40 to 80℃. It is designed with 12~48VDC redundant power supplies. Its high performance switching design offers high-speed, low latency connectivity with PLC, controllers and I/O devices. The HMG-8128GE10G incorporates enhanced software features support a variety of advanced Layer 2 functions such as IGMP Snooping v1/v2, up to 1023 groups, advanced features RING redundancy RSTP, MSTP, ITU-T G.8032 ERPS, LACP for Network Redundancy, VLAN, QoS, Security, port mirroring and more.

Who Needs 10G Industrial switches?

Ethernet Direct offers a full spectrum of 10GbE to cover industry-wide applications. This is to cater a world of expanding applications, growing virtualization and cloud-based applications which demands RELIABILITY, INCREASED SCALABILITY, HIGHER BANDWIDTH and HIGH LEVELS OF PERFORMANCE. As industrial networks moved to industry 4.0 infrastructures are loaded with new devices and high end applications so it is even more critical that the network achieves zero downtime. The requirement for higher bandwidth applications like IP surveillance, video streaming, Voice over IP and large data processing are driving the requirements for industrial 10GbE switches. Our future proof devices enable a cost-effective method and an ideal migration from your current network to 10G Ethernet.

What is a Multi-Protocol Industrial Switch?

HMG-8128GE10G is a multi-protocol industrial switch focusing on industrial profiles (EtherNet/IP & Modbus TCP and optional PROFINET) with user-friendly GUI for simplified operational manageability. Most industrial protocol switches are either EtherNet/IP or Modbus or PROFINET enabled. Ethernet Direct offers versatile solution with Multi-protocol 3-in-1 industrial switches to cater industrial control networks in their various applications. Unlike a conventional enterprise networks, an industrial control network is a system of interconnected equipments used to monitor and control physical equipment in industrial environments. These equipments may support different interfaces and protocols. Many protocols are not cross-compatible and thus, making plant automation to deploy devices that would work with specific protocols.

EtherNet/IP is an industrial network protocol that linked up the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) with standard Ethernet. It takes advantage of both the Internet Protocol suite and IEEE 802 standard, which are the most widely deployed collections of Ethernet standards, to define the features and function for its transportation, networking, data link and physical layers. CIP makes use of object-oriented design to provide EtherNet/IP with the services and device profiles needed for real-time control applications. The object-oriented design of the CIP is also use to promote consistent implementation of automation functions into a diverse ecosystem of products. EtherNet/IP defines how to organize the data in a TCP/UDP packet and transfers the packet in the application layer.

Modbus is a popular communication protocol used for the industrial serial devices usually working as “master-slave” architecture, and working with PLC/s. The Modbus/TCP implies to provide Modbus Messaging service on the TCP/IP so the devices which are running Modbus can communicate with each other with Modbus messages. These messages are encapsulated with an Ethernet TCP/IP wrapper on the basis of the standard. During the transmission, the switches can only acquire the encapsulated information when Modbus/TCP is enabled.

PROFINET is an industry standard for data communication over Industrial Ethernet designed for collecting data from and controlling equipment in industrial systems and delivering data under 1ms or less. It is an ideal solution in manufacturing automation because it is Ethernet-based, flexible, and powerful communication protocol. The Ethernet Direct PROFINET enabled managed switches are engineered with an integrated PROFINET device for configuration and diagnostics directly from the control system, LLDP for automatic topology detection and the Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP) for fast redundancy. It allows machine builders to increase the diagnostic capabilities. Industrial control networks consist of a PLC, Field bus devices, SCADA systems and HMI/s. Deploying PROFINET enabled switches provide fast and secure data transmission to deliver a reliable network.

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