Ethernet Direct Railway IP Technology Enhanced Rail & Metro Operational Performance

California, U.S.A., February 2018 – Ethernet Direct Corporation, a professional and primary provider of industrial networking and communication solutions announces our EN50155 industrial switches certified for rail trackside, onboard trains, rolling stock and other rail industry specific applications.

The demanding passenger demands for rail and metro network nowadays has led to rapid technological developments towards digitization. Today’s rail operators offer integrated communications and control network to provide a reliable and comfortable service to ensure that passengers stay connected. The railway IP technology enables network virtualization by supporting a mix of legacy and modern platforms to be integrated to offer operational efficiency. Ethernet Direct offers the rail industry with sophisticated network solutions for railway IP technology at a lower cost of ownership while improving performance in a network security architecture that you can trust. The innovative approach focuses on the digitalization of Communications Based Train Control technology and smart signaling to drive communications level and operation level reliability. CBTC is a major sub system in an integrated railway control network by providing real-time train positioning information. Ethernet Direct solutions are built based on open standards and certified by international electronic equipment standards used on rolling stock and railway applications. The standard covers aspects of this electronic equipment, including temperature, humidity, vibration, shock and other parameters to ensure safety devices to protect railway investments.

With the evolution of Rail Internet of Things, whether onboard trains, railway trackside or stations, everything is connected into a single IP network to enable integrated communications. The Ethernet Direct portfolio of robust high performance devices include EN50155 switches, EN50155 computers, 4G routers, wireless radios, serial to Ethernet converters and more. We cover solutions for the Train Communication Network (TCN), Passenger Oriented Services (POS) and Signaling & Control. On the communication level, operators can optimize inter-consist communications efficiency by deploying advanced railway IP technologies that provides auto-negotiation. The network devices will automatically negotiate with each other to discover the appropriate settings. This is a significant benefit for operational efficiency, especially as railway maintenance personnel do not necessarily have a great deal of expertise in networking technology.

Ethernet Direct provides an easy way to achieve advanced rail technologies with our IEC standards for Ethernet Train Backbone (ETB) by utilizing the following protocols:

  • Train Topology Discovery Protocol (TTDP), also IEC 61375-2-5, is to automatically configure train-consists. TTDP identifies the order of the network routers, starting with an operator-identified router in the lead train car. TTDP will extrapolate from the head router the order of the other routers in the entire network.
  • Train Real Time Data Protocol (TRDP), also IEC-61375-2-3, is to support the increasing network requests on board Trains and railways communication systems. TRDP is an IP based real-time data protocol for railways supporting dynamic train configuration and implements safe data transmission based on the established UDP (User Datagram Protocol) communication standard or on TCP (Transmission Control Protocol).

The future of railway is enabling standardized real-time industrial ethernet networks.

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