Optimize Industrial Surveillance & Industrial Security With Enhanced Industrial Power Over Ethernet Solutions From Ethernet Direct

California, U.S.A., December 2019 – Ethernet Direct Corporation, a professional and primary provider of industrial networking and communication solutions shares insights about industrial surveillance which has become indispensable in terms of security and monitoring in today’s society.

Industrial security applications are present everywhere as technology moves toward smart cities deployment. From perimeter protection, building monitoring, real-time security monitoring, people monitoring etc. Deploying an IP surveillance solution can effectively achieve the benefits. The Ethernet Direct industrial Power over Ethernet solutions (switches, converters, injectors, splitters etc.) facilitates reliable outdoor IP surveillance networks. PoE technology utilizes a single cable to transmit data and supply power which increases flexibility for IP surveillance even in remote outdoor installations.

Why do system integrators choose Ethernet Direct PoE solutions?

  1. Support High Power PoE for Modern Surveillance Devices
  2. Industrial PoE switches support IEEE 802.3af PoE (15.4 watts), IEEE 802.3at PoE+ (30 watts) and IEEE 802.3bt PoE++ (60 watts) power per port. With ultra power PoE++, it is possible to use the Ethernet cable to deliver power to devices such as IP cameras, LED display boards, Wireless devices and even embedded computers or terminal computers.

  3. Reduce OPEX With Advanced PoE Management Features
  4. Managed PoE switches come with Advanced PoE Management features such as PoE PD failure auto checking, auto reset, PoE port On/off weekly scheduling, PoE configuration for power planning. PoE PD failure auto checking and auto reset in case PD fails help reduce operational expenses. Advanced management function allows network administrator to turn on or turn off the PoE to save electricity or for power planning.

  5. Optimize CAPEX With Secured Connectivity
  6. Securing the network operation enables a highly-reliable IP surveillance deployment. The Ethernet Direct switches are engineered with sufficient switch throughput and backplane capacity which ensures the transmission of high quality image packets (voice, video and data traffic) under any condition without interruption. CPU and memory limitations are why some switches have lesser management features.

  7. Protected Network With Enhanced Cyber Security
  8. By utilizing the latest network technologies, our managed PoE switches are designed with enhanced cyber security features such as User privilege levels security, Switch port security, IP Source Guard, Address Resolution Protocol Inspection, Port & MAC based authentication, Remote Access Security with RADIUS/TACACS+, Access Control List and HTTPS / SSL / SSHv2. Device level and system level security are highly important in IP surveillance applications.

  9. Robust Hardware Design With Extreme Power
  10. Products are designed with maximum power protection for long term reliability to ensure uninterruptible, continuous and conditioned power operation to mission critical processes.

    Hi-pot isolation: To ensure isolation between the parts of a circuit

    Reverse Polarity Protection + Overload Current Protection: To protect the circuit

    Redundant Power Input: To ensure continuous operation in case on power fails

    Ethernet Direct products are designed to meet the tolerance of circuits and components to all sources of interfering electromagnetic energy such as electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electromagnetic susceptibility (EMS).

  11. Devices Designed To Tolerate Extreme Operating Temperatures
  12. Ethernet Direct products operate reliably under extreme temperature ranges. Wider operational temperature range can prove to be the crucial difference between a fully operational and a non-responsive network. As an Ethernet switch approaches the limits of its acceptable temperature range, the device may start slowing down and dropping packets. Dropped packets can cause a number of different latency issues. When a switch exceeds the limits of its operating temperature range, it simply stops functioning and may completely power off and fail. That means all data, including voice and video traffic, can no longer be transferred, causing some elements of daily business operations to cease.

  13. Reliable Devices Within Project Budge
  14. Ethernet Direct provides affordable and highly reliable Industrial Power over Ethernet switches for any applications by using the most advanced information and communication technologies engineered in our devices.

To build a highly tolerant IP surveillance network, industrial-grade Ethernet switches are built-to-last.

To learn more about Industrial Power over Ethernet solutions, please e-mail sales@ethernetdirect-tw.com