Ethernet Direct EDucational Link Provides More Than a Website with Great Prices

California, U.S.A., August 2015 – Ethernet Direct Corporation, a professional and primary provider of industrial networking and communication solutions offers more than just product sales. Ethernet Direct provides a unique ability to apply our experience in both training and support.

Have you tried Ethernet Direct? Or have you joined the Educational Link and learn about the latest technologies and product trends for industrial automation applications? Many people purchase from companies selling thousands of different types of industrial equipment. They wait for days to get an answer. This won’t happen when you do business with Ethernet Direct. Ethernet Direct is the fastest growing companies providing Industrial Ethernet infrastructure equipment, including industrial Ethernet switches, industrial PoE switches, media converters, and serial to Ethernet devices. Ethernet Direct is known for being strong in technologies to improve service and support. And with its global locations, Ethernet Direct is able to ship and support locally in most major countries. Corporate purchasing departments and system integrators can have equipment delivered to Boston, Berlin, Birmingham, Bangkok, Bombay, and Beijing. This reduces costs and time for sometimes critical Ethernet infrastructure equipment.

A growing line of Industrial Ethernet devices will enable Ethernet Direct to become your one stop shop for industrial Ethernet hardware and software. Many customers and website visitors have benefited from our Education Link and Technical Reference Library. Our dedicated team offers assistance from product planning to your project implementation. Ethernet Direct offers the best cost-performance ratio while delivering service and support.

Here’s a testimonial by an engineer who just experienced dealing with Ethernet Direct:

“I am very satisfied with the real time technical support from Ethernet Direct since I used to wait for someone to answer my questions from other companies in the past.” says Jon Clark, New York BAS engineer.

Please contact us 1-914-466-6898 to support your project requirements or e-mail