Industrial Power over Ethernet Managed Switches Selected for Container Terminal Security & Surveillance

California, U.S.A., April 2016 – Ethernet Direct Corporation, a professional and primary provider of industrial networking and communication solutions offers industrial-grade Ethernet switches to help in Container Terminal Security & Surveillance in U.S.A.

Container terminals are designed for handling and storing cargos from one mode of transportation to another. Every step of the inbound and outbound flows needs to be closely monitored in order to better control the efficiency and safety of container terminals. The system integrator is a Portland Oregon-based company offering systems with complete turn-key solutions that use the best products available in the industry. This project is focusing on the container terminal which comprised of 105 acres and 8 structures. A million dollar security system is in place which includes perimeter fence sensors and video surveillance throughout the terminal. An IP camera that utilizes Internet Protocol is used to transmit data, images and control signals over a Fast Ethernet link.

To detect security threats and to implement security measures, the system integrator has chosen CME-822E industrial 10-port power over Ethernet managed switch which supports extended temperature of -40 to 80 deg C. The ability for CME-822E to support both copper and SFP fiber ports makes the system highly scalable suitable for any network infrastructure. CME-822 supports type A PoE so both power and data are using the same pins of RJ-45 cable (1, 2, 3, 6 pins) which can accept even 4 pins RJ-45 cable. This design is perfect for future expansion of the gigabit PoE which makes CME-822 a future-proof device. Ethernet Direct industrial switches cater standards-based technology and allow multi-vendor solutions and integration like IP cameras and other network devices.

In terms of management features, CME-822E handles video streams and data without any loss across the network. A ring redundancy system is set-up to keep network connection sound. In any event of disruption, CME-822E can automatically trigger an alert which is most needed in installing a video surveillance network.

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